“Why am I writing this blog?”

Well, the obvious reason is “because the damn thing wouldn’t write itself” but the almost truthful answer is that I am a frustrated writer and if there was a way for me to be reincarnated after I shuffle off my mortal coil, I would like to come back as Larry David’s better looking brother.

As some of you know, I am an attorney although some people say I am a lawyer. If I was living in England they would say I was a Barrister (which sounds a hell of a lot more impressive). In Mexico I would be an abogado and in Israel I would be my mother’s pride and joy.

The Supreme Courts of Ohio and Florida seem to say that as long as I pay them my yearly blood money, I mean dues, I can continue to say I am whatever I want to call myself. Have you ever had to deal with lawyers and judges on a daily basis? Or, even sit and talk with one for more than 10 minutes? Now you understand why I am writing this.

Just the other day someone told me that they find my posts on Facebook to be the funniest posts she reads. It is time to put an end to such frivolity as Facebook and to start posting my frivolous thoughts on this blog with a hope that it will catch on and I will make a zillion dollars from doing something I enjoy (so far) and that I won’t ever have to walk into another courtroom or talk to another attorney.

If you enjoy the blog please let your friends in on it. My goal is to have new articles posted every Wednesday and if I feel really ambitious, maybe a second one each week once this blog gets moving. If I miss some of those deadlines, well, so what? Sue me!

Okay, stop wasting your time reading this drivel and go read the actual blogs!!!

Oh, and PLEASE leave a comment in the “Comments” section. We can always have some fun with the comments.